“We live simply for beauty, and definitely the style”

Hickory White began over a hundred years ago with passionate about the "sit" of a chair, or the stance of a table, or the proportions of a piece...The vision was to combine the authenticity and passion of classic craftsmanship with the efficiency and capabilities of modern manufacturing. 110 YEARS OF INNOVATION AND INSPIRATION, the company product range has evolved into an inspiring assortment of timeless designs, drawn from significant periods and places, and from the talents of some of the world’s most respected designers.

The desire at Hickory White has never been stronger to create the most sought after home furnishings. Their commitment to this desire is the driving force that leads them into the future. Hickory White is look forward to exceeding the demands of our consumers for many, many years. Today's style statement hand-tailored and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Hickory, NC USA. Each piece has been curated and selected for inclusion with the goal of empowering your creative spirit through customization finish options that are second to none.
is an artist, a painter, an interior designer, a textile designer and a furniture designer. The collections exemplify Lillian's attention to a sophisticated, vibrant and engaging lifestyle. From a classic European style to the handcrafted antique reproductions entitled antiquaire, a cosmopolitan vision is realized... perfect for the distinguished collector of fine furniture.

Lillian scripts her lifestyles with color and comfort in mind, and as she says, “Color is what gets me out of bed in the mornings... the opportunity to work with pure color is inspiring! I find my customers are more courageous and individualistic in the color choices today. I am passionate about seeking out influences that constantly keep my collections exactly where the client wants to go visually.” Learn More about Lillian August.