“We live simply for beauty, and definitely the style”


VANGUARD FURNITURE started in a modest facility with two employees and a perfect velvet chair. Today, more than 40 years later, Vanguard Furniture is still making good on it’s name to be at the forefront of the furniture industry-from one perfect velvet chair, to endless personalized possibilities.

Vanguard Furniture, a family held company, employs over 350 associates and is currently operating out of three manufacturing buildings in Hickory, North Carolina, and a 4,000 square foot showroom in High Point, North Carolina. Over 1,000 retail partners in the world. They are a fashion-driven company whose primary mission is to be a successful home furnishings leader in style, value and service with a vision to ultimately enrich lives through custom-crafted furniture. Vanguard furniture is designed to fit the personal and creative style of home, and theirs collections offer distinct and varied choices in design, textures, visual interest and personalized trims, tailoring and finishes. VG motto, "Do it right the first time, every time".
MICHAEL WEISS COLLECTION features styles inspired by classic and modern categories, designed by the Julliard-trained designer Michael Weiss. The collection is a study of the seamless blending of contrasts; sleek lines and classic geometric forms are presented in refreshing and dramatic modern designs. Pieces encompass an energy and fluidity while still accomplishing a freeform, artistic mix of historical influences inspired by classic taste and style. Learn more about Michael Weiss.
THOM FILICIA HOME COLLECTION Whether he's designing inspirational homes for highend clients, creating quality products for a wider audience, or disseminating design ideas through television, books or the Internet, Thom Filicia continues to empower people from every walk of life to live beautifully and confidently express their personalities through design. Classic simplicity with an unexpected, modern flair. Thom Filicia designs for the way we live now. The way we entertain now. This is pure design, both essential and highly practical. Learn more about Thom Filicia.
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