“We live simply for beauty, and definitely the style”
Cierre was initiated by Mr. Romano Conficconi over 30 years ago in Milan, Italy. It is a family business with its original factory and design studios in the Italian cities of Forli and Milan. The business has now passed to the second generation and Cierre has become a renowned sofa maker on luxury leather sofa.

Cierre adheres to specific processing and manufacturing techniques origin from Italian craft traditions and has diversified from classical design to modern contemporary design including more metallic features into its furniture 10 years ago. The high quality craftsmanship and elegance of its products has established its reputation, meeting the needs of discerning customers searching for unique and exceptional pieces for their living homes.

Cierre has been developing items for different market from time to time, such as for customers in Italy, France, Korean and lately for HK. In July 2006, it goes beyond Europe and for the first time, opened its first concept store in Asia in Hong Kong as a window to China and other Asian cities.