Olivia Living where inspiration, creativity, and style come together in harmonious elegance.
Furniture is more than just a choice between the classics, the contemporary and the modern. The passion for artistic interpretations of home decoration, the three partners of Olivia Living came together. Each with a unique expertise and together offering a choice that fits personal taste is the opportunity that Olivia Living has come to symbolize. With the necessary aesthetic expertise the selection of brands and décor makes a visit to the Olivia Living showroom, a journey of exploring limitless possibilities.
“The brands have been carefully selected to represent the luxurious sophistication that is available in the home furnishing and décor market. We provide a harmonious blend of masculinity and femininity that suits the personal taste of the contemporary homeowner. To the client their house is not a showroom of any particular brand, which is why we offer a vast array of styles and designs by leading brands. For instance Vanguard Furniture offers masculine designs that can be harmoniously combined with Lillian August by Hickory White to achieve an effect of modern with a note of sweetness,” said Sairoong Phawanurak, Managing Director.
“To really see what we have to offer, come visit us. Our showroom and friendly atmosphere is designed to ensure that when clients come to visit it is like coming to have a chat with a friend. It is ok not to have a clear idea of what you want. Just stop by for a chat and we can work together to explore the possibilities,” explained Soraya Virojmekavanich, Design Director.
“Putting it all together requires experience as well. At Olivia Living we take into consideration all the design elements and pay particular attention to proportion. How well a piece fits in a space is very important, otherwise it would either appear incomplete or way too stuffy. Proportion as such is not simply achieved by looking at the shear measurement of the dimensions but how well they fit together aesthetically, which can be determined by years of experience in the field,” said Ajjima Hoontrakul, Sales Director.
Each of the three partners specialize in different aspects of the trade yet their expertise compliment each other perfectly resulting in a distinctive offer.
“Senses come from creativity.”
– Sairoong.
“Clients are invited to explore with us. When they take a look around they can identify the key piece they like and work from there. Every piece of furniture can be customized. Details like cloth color, texture, handle material type; buttons on cushions
can all be selected to perfectly fit the desire of the client. In fact the possibilities are endless. We want our clients to have fun choosing the furnishing and décor that expresses their identity.”
“Style cannot be compromised.”
– Soraya.
“Sometimes clients think that they must settle for the offers available in the market. But in reality everything can be customized for their liking. The first thing is to work out their style and make their choices. This is why I say that clients should not compromise, the expression of their identity with what they see in one showroom. To know the difference, Come And See Me at Olivia Living.”
“We can change even the smallest details to suit your personal style and taste.” - Ajjima.
“I have had years of experience in working with clients to fulfill their dreams of having a home that reflects their identity. This is why our team travels the world and visits all the major events in furniture and home décor to pick up the latest trend before it happens to present it to our clients. We pride ourselves in being able to forecast the hottest latest design trend and we make these items available in our showroom for our clients to choose from.”